Cord Tissue Banking

What is Cord Tissue Banking?

What is Cord Tissue?

The tissue of the umbilical cord, or 'cord tissue', is an additional source of valuable stem cells.

The tissue of your baby's umbilical cord is an abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are different than the types of stem cells found in your baby's cord blood. MSCs have the unique ability to rapidly divide, regenerate and differentiate themselves into a wide range of cells types. These powerful cells are showing great potential in clinical research for conditions affecting cartilage, muscle and nerve cells. 19 

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What's All The Excitement About?

A significant amount of research is underway to better understand how cord tissue stem cells could play a role in future therapies. Researchers are also focusing on a wide range of potential treatment areas, including: 

Parkinson’s disease
Type 1 diabetes
Lung cancer
Rheumatoid arthritis 
Sports injuries (cartilage)

Why Should You Consider Banking Your Baby's Cord Tissue?

More Cells. More Treatment Options. More Healing Potential.

More and more families are choosing to bank their baby's cord tissue because of its: 

Cord Tissue Treatment Potential
Treatment Potential

Researchers are exploring areas of potential use for cartilage, muscle, and nerve conditions including Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer, sports injuries, and autism.20,25,26,126 A Phase I clinical trial is currently underway at Duke University Medical Center to determine the safety of using cord tissue stem cells in children with autism.    

Cord Tissue Compatibility

Immediate biological family members could benefit from your baby’s cord tissue stem cells, with parents having a 100% likelihood of being compatible, siblings having a 75% likelihood of being compatible, and grandparents having a 25% likelihood of being compatible.16,50 

Our Cord Tissue Service Is Different - It Matters.

ViaCord is the only family bank accredited by the AABB for processing and storing newborn stem cells from umbilical cord tissue

When it comes to your baby's umbilical cord tissue we go the extra step to extract cord tissue stem cells prior to storage to best prepare them for potential use. Our process can recover all the stem cell types from the cord tissue – to get your family more cells.40 

And we store your cells in a five compartment bag, providing you with more options and greater flexibility if the cells are ever used. Our cord tissue service is different - and it matters.

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How Is Cord Tissue Collected?

Just like our cord blood collection process, collecting cord tissue is a simple process.

Collecting cord tissue is safe, painless and will not interfere with your birth plan or your bonding time with your new baby.

After your baby is born, your medical professional will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. The blood will be collected from the cord so all that is left is the tissue of the umbilical cord. Your medical professional will cut and place the remaining umbilical cord tissue in a sterile, protective storage cup that is provided in our collection kit.

When the collection is complete, we'll send a courier to pick up your collection kit for delivery to our processing lab.  There, ViaCord’s lab specialists extract the stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue, prior to storage, to prepare the cells for future medical use.

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