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Our Treatment Experience

Over 500 ViaCord Families Have Used Their Cord Blood

When families save their baby's cord blood they’re planning for the future. Already, more than 500 ViaCord families have used their cord blood in a transplant or regenerative medicine research for conditions like autism and cerebral palsy. These families are fortunate they had cord blood as an option and we’re proud to have helped.

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What happens if you need to use your banked cord blood?

Ultimately using your banked cord blood is the treating physician's decision.  Feel confident in knowing that if you ever need to use your cord blood, we're here to help you through the process and support your family in any way we can. 

If your banked cord blood is needed: 

Your doctor determines that using your stem cells may be advantageous.

✔  We work with your medical team to provide documentation and samples so that they can plan for treatment. 

  We will also coordinate on the delivery of your child’s stem cell unit to the appropriate medical facility.

Proven Quality

ViaCord is the only family cord blood bank to publish transplant success rate. We believe publishing our treatment success rate is critical for families and physicians. There’s just no better way to demonstrate the quality of our product.

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ViaCord's Quality Product Guarantee

Every part of our process — from our collection materials to our processing and storage method — is designed with one goal in mind: to provide our families with the highest-quality stem cell collection and storage process in order to achieve the best results for families. 

That's why our Quality Product Guarantee states that if your child’s cord blood stem cells fail to engraft during a transplant, we will pay $35,000 to defray the cost of procuring an alternative stem cell source as determined by your doctor.

Cord Tissue - Looking Ahead

Bank cord tissue today to prepare for tomorrow's discoveries

Although cord tissue treatments are not approved today there is so much exciting research going on around these unique and powerful cells.  Researchers are focusing on using cord tissue cells for conditions that affect nerve, muscle, cartilage - such as Parkinson's disease, sports injuries (cartilage), lung cancer and autism. 20,25,26,126   More and more parents are banking cord tissue today in anticipation of what the future may hold.

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