Why Do Families Choose ViaCord?

We're more than just a stem cell bank.

Cord Blood Banking And Cord Tissue Banking With Confidence

With such an important investment in your family’s future, you want to make the right choice. When it comes to cord blood banking and cord tissue banking, our approach is simple.  We apply advanced science to deliver the highest-quality stem cell collection and stem cell storage process possible in order to achieve results for families.

As an industry leader for 30 years ViaCord offers families: 

Proven Quality
Proven Quality
Over 500 ViaCord customers have used their banked cord blood in a transplant or regenerative medicine research. We're the only company to publish its transplant outcomes. 


ViaCord is the only family bank accredited by the AABB for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. And only ViaCord processes newborn cord tissue stem cells and stores in 5-compartment bag. 

ViaCord From Revvity
Confidence and Trust

ViaCord is part of a publicly traded global healthcare company, Revvity (ticker: RVTY).

Proven Quality

ViaCord's Processing Lab is designed for efficiency and sterility. Our lab is FDA registered, CLIA certified, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Accredited for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both cord blood and cord tissue, and equipped with the same freezers used by major research institutions such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. 

Cord Blood Banking Is Helping Families Today

Families have been benefiting from the science of cord blood banking for over thirty years. ViaCord has helped over 500 customers use their banked cord blood in transplant or research. For many families, cord blood banking with ViaCord has made a world of difference in their lives. Meet some of the families below.  

Autism and Cord Blood

In The News: Cerebral Palsy and Cord Blood

Beyond Cord Blood + Tissue Banking

Taking care of the whole family has never been easier . . . 

At ViaCord, we’re committed to providing families the peace of mind and empowerment that comes with planning for the future health and wellness of everyone in the family.

That's why we offer a comprehensive menu of innovative tests for newborns, children, and adults. Explore more below. 

Newborns and Children

Newborn & Children Tests

Includes a test to help gauge a child’s predisposition for both celiac disease and lactose intolerance, and tests offering actionable genomic insights.    


Adult Tests 

Our tests covers personalized wellness and whole genome sequencing options.  

ViaCord's Sibling Connection Program

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Most families bank cord blood for potential future use, with the hope that it is never needed.  For expectant families with a child who has an established diagnosis that is currently treatable with a sibling cord blood transplant, we have the ViaCord Sibling Connection Program. This program provides ViaCord's high-quality cord blood collection, processing and lifetime storage at no cost to expecting parents who have a child that meets the enrollment requirements of the program.

Learn more about our Sibling Connection program

ViaCord is Different. It Matters.

Below are just a few of the many reasons why families choose ViaCord for cord blood banking and cord tissue banking. Choose one to view more details. 

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