Why do families choose ViaCord?

We're more than just a stem cell bank.

Banking Cord Blood and Cord Tissue with ViaCord

With such an important investment in your family’s future, you want to make the right choice.

As an industry leader for 25 years and part of a global healthcare company, PerkinElmer, ViaCord offers families: confidence and trust, proven quality and innovation.

Our service is rooted in the highest accredited standards of quality and practice but driven by something far more personal—the promise of your family’s future health.   

Quality Matters

ViaCord's Processing Lab is designed for efficiency and sterility. Our lab is FDA registeredCLIA certified, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Accredited for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both cord blood and cord tissue, and equipped with the same freezers used by major research institutions such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. 

Our approach is simple...

Apply the most advanced science to deliver the highest-quality stem cell collection and storage process in order to achieve the best results for families.

Helping those who need it most.

ViaCord's Sibling Connection Program

ViaCord's Sibling Connection program may be available to any expectant family with a child who has an established diagnosis that is currently treatable with a sibling cord blood transplant.

Learn more about our Sibling Connection program

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