Genomic Tests for Children & Newborns

Genomic Tests for Newborns & Children

Genomic tests for infants and children analyze genes associated with childhood-onset conditions. Knowing your child's unique DNA can be a powerful tool. Genomic testing with ViaCord can help you and your child's physician move towards early detection and intervention rather than waiting on symptoms.

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Genetic Insight Panel Test

The Genetic Insights Panel is the perfect test for families planning to bank cord blood or who already have cord blood banked with us.  Through the analysis of over 270 genes associated with actionable, childhood-onset conditions, you will get insight into your child’s risk of developing one of these common conditions:   

Heart Conditions 

Childhood Cancers 

Hearing Loss 

Metabolic Disorders 

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Whole Genome Sequencing For Children

Our Whole Genome Sequencing test for children provides the same benefits as our Genetic Insights Panel test with two additional, and incredibly valuable, benefits: 

Identify Responsiveness to Medications 
Discover how you or your child's body responds to certain medications.   

DNA “Blueprint” for Future Testing Needs 
Genome snapshot readily-available for future testing requirements


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