Benefits of Cord Blood

Cord blood banking is helping families today

Benefits of Cord Blood

Access to an invaluable medical resource

Since the cells in cord blood haven't been exposed to potentially harmful factors impacting stem cells collected later in life, saving the pristine cells moments after your baby is born could prove to be an invaluable medical resource for your family in the future.

What Is Cord Blood Used For Today?

Proven Uses for Cord Blood

Cord blood has been used in transplant medicine for thirty years and can be used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases including:



Acute lymphoblastic leukemia | Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma | Neuroblastoma 


Blood Disorders

Sickle-cell anemia | Cooley's anemia | β-thalassemia intermedia 


Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

Fanconi anemia | Diamond-Blackfan anemia | Juvenile dermatomyositis  


Metabolic Disorders

Hurler syndrome | Tay-Sachs Disease | Krabbe disease 



Immune Disorders

Severe combined immunodeficiency | DiGeorge syndrome | Reticular dysplasia

View the full list proven cord blood uses  → 

Ongoing Clinical Trials Using Cord Blood 

Over the last few years cord blood use has expanded into regenerative medicine clinical trials for conditions once thought untreatable, such as:


Regenerative Medicine Clinical Trials

Autism | Cerebral Palsy | Type 1 diabetes 

Learn more about cord blood and regenerative medicine research → 


Cord Blood Success Stories

Over 500 ViaCord customers have used their banked cord blood. Meet some of the families below. Gracie used her own cord blood in a Phase I Clinical Research Trial at Duke University for autism, and Tami Byrd, mom of four used the cord blood from one son in the treatment of another son's cancer. 

Watch more stories of families that have used their cord blood

Autism and Cord Blood

In The News: Cerebral Palsy and Cord Blood

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Our video page covers it all - from cord blood basics, to cord blood in the news, plus families share their experiences using their banked cord blood and see how ViaCord stores stem cells in an innovative multi-compartment bag - and more!

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