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Healthcare providers play a critical role in helping their patients understand the available options for their newborn's umbilical cord. Preserving cord blood and cord tissue has become an increasingly popular choice among expecting parents. It's important to understand what makes these stem cells so powerful and why ViaCord is the best option.

Collection Tutorial: Cord Blood and Cord Tissue

Topics are broken into chapters so you can easily access and view information as needed.

ViaCord's Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Kate Girard, RN, MSN  provides clear instructions for collecting cord blood and cord tissue with the goal of maximizing the number of newborn stem cells with the lowest potential for contamination. 

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Banking with ViaCord

As an industry leader for 25 years and part of a global healthcare company, PerkinElmer, ViaCord offers families: confidence and trust, proven quality and innovation.

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