Refer a Friend and Earn a Reward

Help your family and friends #thinkforward

Knowledge is Power. Share your knowldege about ViaCord!

What's in it for you?

One, you'll be an awesome friend for telling your friends about something that could potentially benefit their families' health. 

Two, as a thank you for being an awesome friend we reward both you and your friend(s) will special savings on ViaCord:

-    You get one free year of cord blood storage for each friend that banks with us
-    Your friend(s) gets $200 off the cost of our cord blood and cord tissue banking.*

Here's how it works...

1. You tell your friends about ViaCord.

2. Your friends request our free info guide to learn more about banking and let us know that you referred them.

3. Your friend banks with ViaCord! As a thank you, we will give you a free year of cord blood storage (for every friend that banks - no limit). Oh, did we mention that your friend will get a special $200 savings at signup because you referred them? 

Two easy ways to tell your friends about us.

1. Copy our Refer A Friend link here and paste it into an email or text to send to your friend(s)

2. Copy our pre-crafted message using the Copy Message button below to give your friend a little more info about ViaCord. You can edit the message once you copy and paste it into an email or text.  

By sending the personalized message, you confirm that you have consent to send messages to each friend.

By clicking the Copy Message button above the following message will be copied. Also by sending the personalized message, you confirm that you have consent to send messages to each friend: 


I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I banked my baby’s stem cells with ViaCord and thought you might also be interested in their cord blood and cord tissue banking services for your baby on the way! 


If you're interested in learning about the benefits of banking your baby’s stem cells you can download ViaCord's free info guide here.


When you download the guide, you’ll have the chance to tell them that I referred you. Be sure to put my name in because if you decide to bank with ViaCord, we’ll both receive special savings.


You’ll get $200 off ViaCord using promo code: FLTREFER200 and I’ll receive one free year of cord blood storage. It's a win-win :) 


Enjoy learning about your baby’s cord blood and tissue – it’s pretty magical.

Take care! 

Important note for healthcare professionals about our referral program

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) cannot be compensated for referrals. HCPs include physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical students, and other professionals with prescribing authority, pharmacists, receptionists or medical office employees.

*Savings may be applied to ViaCord's first year, one-time processing fee for cord blood banking or cord blood and cord tissue banking. No payment is due until the time of delivery. Cannot be combined with any other special offers or payment plans greater than 12 months. Pricing subject to change. Applies only to new enrollments. If service is discontinued prior to delivery, a $150 fee will be charged.