Cord Blood 101 - Understanding Cord Blood

Below are videos to help you learn more about cord blood basics, the banking process, what's going on with the latest research and how families are using cord blood today.

Why Bank Your Baby's Cord Blood & Cord Tissue?

In The News - Cord Blood Helping Families

Recent clinical trials using cord blood to help kids with autism and cerebral palsy are gaining national attention.  Watch below to see how cord blood use is advancing and how some ViaCord families are benefiting from it today.

In the News: Cord Blood and Cerebral Palsy

In the News: Autism and Cord Blood [Video Courtesy of CNN]

Learn From Our Cord Blood Experts

From what cord blood is and how it's used today to exciting new research

Understanding The Basics

Ongoing Research

Cord Blood In Action

See how cord blood is helping families

Meet The Krebbs Family

Meet Ashton. He used his own cord blood in an effort to help his condition.

Cerebral Palsy & Cord Blood Clinical Trial
Patrick's Story

Get More From Cord Blood Banking

Gain valuable health insights from cord blood with Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing

How It Works: Whole Genome Sequencing

See the benefits of whole genome sequencing

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