Family Stories

The Gregory Family

Hear about Gracie's experience using her own cord blood stem cells in the recent Phase I Autism & Cord Blood Clinical Trial at Duke University. [video courtesy of CNN]

Video: Cord Blood & Cerebral Palsy

Patrick's diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy provided the Rooney family the definitive answer they had been seeking. Then they turned to his cord blood hoping it could help. Watch Patrick's story.

The Mercier Family

At only 2 ½ years old, Nick was diagnosed with leukemia. Upon learning that Nick’s mom was expecting, his oncologist urged her to bank the baby’s cord blood as a possible source of stem cells.

The Krebs Family

Brady’s parents banked his cord blood thinking it could potentially be used to treat diabetes someday. Complications at birth took the family on a different path. Watch their inspiring story.

The Byrd Family

When baby Brayden was born, Tami and her husband banked his cord blood with ViaCord and used it in a transplant to help treat their first son, Blase’s, leukemia. Watch a ViaCord mom share her story.

Ashton's Story

Alisa and Mayo banked Ashton’s cord blood, hoping he would never need it. See how this developing science is helping children just like Ashton.

The Jock Family

Tasha Jock was just 20 years old when her 6-month-old daughter Madilynn, or Maddie, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

The Trevino Family

When Andy's parents banked his sister Sofia’s cord blood with Viacord, they already planned to use her stem cells to treat and potentially help save him from a life-threatening immune disorder.

Rebecca's Story

“As we’re not 100% sure of what caused our daughter’s issues, the cord blood treatment was just one attempt to see if we could fix things.”

Lillian's Story

As a result of prenatal trauma, Lillian was born with cerebral palsy. At 2, Lillian participated in a research study where she received a reinfusion of her own cord blood.