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What's been going on since you last banked? A lot!

Over the last few years, cord blood applications have expanded beyond transplant medicine into areas of regenerative medicine in clinical research trials for conditions once thought untreatable.  ViaCord families have participated in trials and some are sharing their experiences. Watch below and see more ViaCord family stories here >

Autism and Cord Blood

In The News: Cerebral Palsy and Cord Blood

Cord Tissue: An additional source of valuable stem cells.

Although there are no approved uses for cord tissue stem cells yet, researchers are hard at work exploring areas of potential use. Over 150 clinical research trials have used cord tissue stem cells. 

Cord tissue stem cells are being used in research for cartilage, muscle, and nerve conditions including: 

-  Alzheimer's 

-  Autism  

-  Type 1 diabetes 

-  Lung cancer 

-  Rheumatoid arthritis  

-  Sports injuries (cartilage)

Why else are people excited about cord tissue? It's compatibility.

Immediate biological family members could benefit from your baby’s cord tissue stem cells, with parents having a 100% likelihood of being compatible, siblings having a 75% likelihood of being compatible, and grandparents having a 25% likelihood of being compatible.16,50

More Cells. More Treatment Options. More Healing Potential.

It's possible that the last time you banked, collecting and storing the stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord tissue was not an option. Today, it is! In fact, more and more families are choosing to bank both their baby's cord blood and cord tissue because the stem cells found within the umbilical cord tissue are different than those found and cord blood.
And just like our cord blood collection process, collecting cord tissue is safe, painless, and will not interfere with your birth plan or your bonding time with your new baby.

Learn more about the benefits of banking cord tissue

Quality Matters

We’re proud to be the only family bank to receive AABB accreditation for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both cord blood and cord tissue. The AABB is the leader in setting standards that optimize and advance quality and safety for the blood and biotherapies field.

Accreditation validates the quality of our service and is one of the many reasons families feel confident about choosing ViaCord. View our accreditation certificate here.

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