Processing and Storage

Caring for your newborn's stem cells is a great responsibility, and one we take very seriously. That’s why our process – from collection to retrieval – is held to the highest quality standard. To maximize what you have stored with us, ViaCord equally divides your stem cells into a practical, smart 5-compartment storage bag.

More yield. Less Waste.

Our ultimate goal is to capture the greatest yield of pure stem cells to preserve for future use. Purer stem cells are associated with less side effects and faster recovery time, and red blood cell depletion is recommended by the FDA.96  Every ViaCord collection goes through a process of cell separation. The cells are spun in a centrifuge (similar to the spin cycle on your washing machine) to reduce red blood cells and unwanted plasma, as well as non-useful and detrimental components from the desired pure stem cell collection.


Purer stem cells are generally more amenable to regenerative medicine.98, 99 Regenerative medicine is an exciting and evolving area of stem cell therapy which looks to heal the body from within. With the potential to treat damaged tissue and organs, regenerative medicine offers hope for many with conditions that are beyond repair today. While studies show exciting promise particularly in the areas of cerebral palsy111 and genetic brain diseases109 - we are still in the early stages of discovery.

Why store stem cells in multiple compartments?

  • MORE OPTIONS: Physicians can access the cells from a single collection in as many as five treatments, or all at once, depending on the medical need. 114

  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY: Families can participate in potentially life-changing clinical research trials, in areas such as cerebral palsy and autism without facing the dilemma of using the entire supply. 113

  • FUTURE POTENTIAL:  ViaCord's five compartment bag (VC5X) puts families in a position to take advantage of stem cell expansion technologies, or other novel techniques, should they come to fruition. 115

[Video] ViaCord's 5 Compartment Storage Bag - the VC 5X

ViaCord’s 5 Compartment Storage Bag is the latest innovation in banking newborn stem cells. Storing cord blood and cord tissue in a multi-compartment bag gives families: More Options and Greater Flexibility.

Watch how it works in storage and use  >>

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Evolution of the Storage Bag

Over time, advances in technology and knowledge have lead to an evolution of the cord blood storage bag. Check out our infographic to see how the storage bag has evolved over the past couple of decades.