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How it works with ViaCord.

We make banking easy and convenient.

Collecting your baby's cord blood and cord tissue is a safe and painless process, and will not interfere with your birth plan or your bonding time with the new baby.

A great collection experience starts with a great collection kit.

ViaCord's collection kit contains everything your medical professional needs to collect cord blood and cord tissue including:

•  Instructions for your doctor

•  Instructions for parents

•  Cord blood collection materials

•  Cord tissue collection materials

ViaCord’s advanced cord blood collection bag is pre-filled with citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD), an FDA-recommended anticoagulant that also functions as a cell preservative.11 CPD collection bags have been proven to increase stem cell yield by more than 50% compared to heparin collection bags — a key consideration for physicians with regard to treatment success.6

Collection Time - What You Can Expect

Whether you have a C-section or vaginal delivery, the process of collecting cord blood and tissue is the same - and non-disruptive to you, your baby, and your birth plan. 

•  Collecting Cord Blood
After your baby is born, your medical professional will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. After thoroughly cleaning the cord with the provided materials, a needle will be inserted into the umbilical cord to collect the blood. Even if you choose to delay clamping the cord - you can still try to collect as much cord blood as possible.

•  Collecting Cord Tissue 
Once the blood has been drained from the umbilical cord, your doctor will cut the largest segment possible of the umbilical cord tissue, thoroughly clean it with the materials provided, and place it in the special collection cup. 

•  Preparing the Kit for Pick Up
Once the collection is finished, the medical professional will seal the bag, attach the pre-printed label with your family’s information, and place it in the ViaCord collection kit.  Ensure the tubes of maternal blood that were collected are also labeled and placed in the ViaCord collection kit. 

Transport to ViaCord's Processing Lab

After your collection is complete, give us a call to let us know, and we'll dispatch a courier to pick up the kit from your location and facilitate transportation to our lab.

Your cells will make their way to ViaCord’s AABB accredited processing and storage lab which is located just outside of Cincinnati and only minutes away from a major airport.

We’ll notify you as soon as your kit arrives at our lab. If you have questions or concerns, our customer service staff is available 24/7 to help.

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Learn about our processing and storaging at ViaCord's Processing Lab

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