Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Info Events!

An easy way to learn about the benefits of banking.

Special Info Events for Expecting Parents Just Like You

Cord blood banking is a simple and smart way to help plan for your family's future health.

We know your baby’s cord blood and tissue stem cells can be a valuable resource to have when it comes to planning for your family’s future health. And we want to make sure you know it, too. That’s why we’re excited to share our knowledge about cord blood and tissue with you, so you can make the best healthcare decisions at a time when it matters most.

Find an upcoming online info event for you!

Check out the list of upcoming online events below. With a couple of clicks from the comfort of your own home, you can join us and other families in learning all about the benefits of cord blood and tissue banking from a leading OB in the area. Plus, online event attendees will receive an exclusive savings when they enroll with ViaCord.

Find an upcoming info event happening near you!

Check out the list of upcoming info events below. You and a guest are invited to join ViaCord and other expecting parents for brunch or dinner while you hear from a leading OB on what makes your baby's cord blood and tissue stem cells special. Admission is free and food is complimentary. You'll also get exclusive discounts on ViaCord banking services, exciting giveaways...and more!

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