Make cord blood and cord tissue banking part of your family’s plan.

Thinking about saving your baby's cord blood and cord tissue? You’re not alone and chances are you have lots of questions: "Does it make sense for my family?" ,  "Which bank should I choose?",  "Is it worth it?"

The fact is, cord blood stem cells are doing amazing things today — healing serious diseases and changing lives for the better. And thanks to a vital research community, the treatment potential for cord blood and cord tissue continues to grow.

The blood in your baby's umbilical cord contains young, powerful, stem cells that have the ability to renew themselves and become specialized. What does this mean? It means that, when saved, your baby's cord blood can provide a potentially healing resource for your family's future.  Transplant medicine has used cord blood stem cells for nearly thirty years and more recently, cord blood use has expanded into a new area known as regenerative medicine.

Your baby's umbilical cord tissue contains a special kind of stem cell — different from cord blood stem cells.  Research suggests that cord tissue stem cells have the unique ability to rapidly regenerate and differentiate themselves – an ability that could have invaluable ramifications for future cord tissue therapies.19  In research settings cord tissue has show potential to treat medical conditions affecting cartilage, muscle, and nerve cells.  

Cord blood stem cells have a long history in transplant medicine and are now being used in a new area called regenerative medicine. Over 400 ViaCord families have used their banked cord blood in a transplant or regenerative medicine research.  And who knows what researchers will discover in the next 5...10...20 years?  Knowing that you have made the decision to bank now is an important step in protecting your family's future health.

When thinking about 'why' bank cord blood, it's helpful to have as much information as possible.  On our video page you can get learn about cord blood basics from our resident stem cell expert, hear from families that have used their banked cord blood in treatment, see how ViaCord stores stem cells in an innovative multi-compartment bag -  and more!