Using Your Cells

What if I need to use my cells?

Follow the steps below to get started.

Please note, you will need your ViaCord Child ID. If you do not know your ViaCord Child ID, our Customer Service team is happy to assist. Please call 800-998-4226.

  1. Complete this Release Inquiry Form to provide more details about your request to the ViaCord Clinical Team. Once you have completed and submitted the form, the Clinical Team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

  2. If you would like to release information about your stored cord blood and/or cord tissue stem cells to a medical facility or doctor, please download, print, and complete this Consent to Release Information Form (if you are part ViaCord's Sibling Connection Program this form is not required.)

    Return your completed Consent Form by email to or by Fax to 781-663-8077.

Over 500 ViaCord Families Have Used Their Cord Blood

When families save their baby's cord blood they’re planning for the future. Already, more than 500 ViaCord families have used their cord blood in a transplant or regenerative medicine research for conditions like autism and cerebral palsy. These families are fortunate they had cord blood as an option and we’re proud to have helped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are here to help you make sense of it all. Find answers to your questions on all things Forms, Timing, Shipping, and Treatment/Research.

Forms FAQs

Why do I need to complete the Consent Form? 
The Consent Form grants ViaCord the required permission to release information about your stem cell collection to a treating medical team. 

Who can I call if I have questions about the Consent Form?
Our Customer Service team is here for you and ready to help. Please give us a call at 800-998-4226. 

How can I check on the status of my Consent Form?
To check on the status of a submitted Consent Form please send an email to or call 800-998-4226

What other forms are needed before the newborn stem cells can be released?
If the Treating Physician wants to request a newborn stem cell unit to be shipped to their facility, there are additional forms to be completed: 

-    Formal request of the newborn stem cell unit signed by treating MD. 

-    Shipping Request Form with details about when and where to send the newborn stem cells completed by MD or receiving Lab. 

-    Formal consent from the parents to release the newborn stem cells cells and associated information to the treating facility signed by the legal guardian of the newborn stem cells.

-    If the newborn stem cell unit was collected as part of a special program such as The Sibling Connection Program, additional forms may also be required.

Timing FAQs

How quickly can you ship my newborn stem cells to the treating facility? 

We can support a rapid turnaround time if all forms are complete, however, this is not usually needed. For cord blood transplant or clinical trial use, there is a well-defined process that includes receipt of the cord blood testing and results beforehand, and then the request of the stem cell unit well in advance of the planned treatment. Before a newborn stem cell unit is requested, the treating facility likes to look at a summary document that provides them with key information about the newborn stem cells that are banked with ViaCord. Frequently, there are 1 or more tests conducted on the sample or the donor/recipient before the newborn stem cell unit is requested for use. These tests can include but are not limited to HLA typing and hemoglobin screening. These tests can take time, but if we have contact with the treating medical team, we work closely with them to coordinate the timing of the testing and release of the newborn stem cell unit with the planned treatment date.

Shipping FAQs

How is the newborn stem cell unit shipped?
If a newborn stem cell unit is needed for clinical use, it will be shipped in a specially designed container that is temperature controlled. The temperature of the container is continuously captured by an electronic data logger. The container is validated to maintain the desired temp (-150 C or lower) for 7 days. If a newborn stem cell unit sample is being shipped for testing, the shipping method will be determined by the lab performing the test. 

Where can the newborn stem cells be shipped?
Newborn stem cells can be shipped to facilities that have processes and procedures in place to receive, store, and thaw a cryopreserved unit. They can be shipped internationally depending on each countries unique import and export requirements. ViaCord needs sufficient time to work with our couriers, customs, and the receiving medical facility to ensure the proper documents and labeling are used. 

Is there a cost to retrieve my baby's newborn stem cells?
ViaCord arranges for the preparation and shipment of the newborn stem cell unit according to industry standards. You will be charged for all preparation and shipment expenses. In most cases, these expenses will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Treatments and Research FAQs

What is cord blood being used for?
Today, cord blood stems cells are used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases, including a wide range of cancers, genetic diseases, and blood disorders.2 If you are inquiring about the use of the newborn stem cells for a treatment that is not currently listed, please call us at 800-998-4226. Regenerative medicine is showing promise in clinical research trials for treating conditions including autism, cerebral palsy and genetic brain diseases. Learn more about emerging research involving newborn stem cells here. To see FDA-approved studies using cord blood, visit and use the search bar to look up "cord blood". If you are not working with a medical team and want to know more about treatments and research using newborn stem cells for a specific condition, we can provide you with resources. We also advise that you speak directly with the MD treating the person with that specific condition. 

Are there currently any human clinical research trials can I use newborn stem cells for?
If you’d like to learn more about current human clinical research trials you can use newborn stem cells for, please visit Use the search bar to enter “umbilical cord” or “cord blood” and the name of the condition you’re interested in to see if there are being studies conducted in your area. All studies provide a contact person in the description if you would like to inquire about participating in the study. 

How much of my stem cell unit will be used?
If the newborn cord blood stem cells are going to be used for a traditional transplant treatment, the entire cord blood unit will be used to provide the patient with the best potential clinical outcome. If you are using your newborn stem cell unit to participate in a clinical research trial, the amount of the unit used will depend on the clinical research trial. If you are considering offering your stem cells to be used by anyone other than your child, please keep in mind that the entire unit may need to be used. Each situation is a unique decision for the family and should be thoroughly discussed before offering the newborn stem cell unit. If you have additional questions or want to proceed with releasing your newborn stem cell unit, please complete this form. The form will be sent to our Clinical Affairs team upon completion.