Your Birth Coach Check List

You've got a lot to remember on the big day. With all the breathing, pushing and sheer amazement, it’s easy to forget about the cord blood collection. To help you out, we've put together a quick check list below. Be sure to bookmark this page, or click here to print out a copy of the Birth Coach Checklist so you can take it with you on the big day! 

Before The Big Day

Before the Big Day

  1. Keep the Collection Kit in a cool dry place, next to mom's bag.
  2. Discuss with Mom what will be collected; cord blood, cord tissue, or both.
  3. Save the customer service number in your phone: 800-998-4226
  4. Wear the ViaCord Newborn Stem Cell Awareness Bracelet as a reminder that the baby’s newborn stem cells will be collected.

Before Delivery

The Big Day: Before Delivery

  1. Notify the Labor and Delivery staff that Mom is banking her newborn’s stem cells with ViaCord
  2. Hand the staff your Collection Kit
  3. Tell them what will need to be collected: the cord blood, cord tissue, or both
  4. If the Labor and Delivery staff changes, also inform the new staff of your plans to collect

Soon After Delivery

The Big Day: Soon After Delivery

  1. Do not seal the kit
  2. Call ViaCord at 800-998-4226 to notify us that the baby’s stem cells have been collected
  3. Take 5-10 minutes to carefully review the contents of the kit with Mom and the ViaCord Customer Support representative to ensure the kit is properly labeled for safe arrival at our lab
  4. Keep the kit close to Mom until the courier arrives