What is Whole Genome Sequencing for Adults?

Whole Genome Sequencing for adults is a test that sequences all 22,000 genes in the genome and analyzes the 6,000 genes that have known associations with adult-onset conditions.

Our Adult Whole Genome Sequencing Test Includes:

+  Analysis of 6,000 genes associated with all known human condition

+  Includes the analysis of 50+ genes identified as medically actionable by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG)

+  Identification of Drug Sensitivities

 Genome Snapshot readily-available for future testing requirements

+  Personalized Results Report  

 Physician & Genetic Counselor Support

 Health Action Plan

 Expert Customer Service

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Who Is Whole Genome Sequencing For?

Healthy adults.

Our Whole Genome Sequencing test is for healthy adults.

Who Can Request The Test?


When you request the test, an Independent physician from Genome Medical will serve as the ordering physician (at no extra cost).

Known Conditions Detected With Whole Genome Sequencing


Heart Conditions

Cardiomyopathies l Aortopathy l Hypercholesterolemia 


Hereditary Adulthood Cancers Syndromes

Breast & Ovarian Cancer | Colon Cancer | Prostate Cancer | Endocrine & Nervous System/Brain Cancer



Thrombophilia | Malignant Hyperthermia

What Will You Learn From Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test?

Our Whole Genome Sequencing test for adults will capture your entire genome, and depending on your selected categories, will provide analysis for potential disease-causing variants in over 6,000 genes that have been associated with human disease. You will have the option of choosing from 4 categories: 

1.    Medically actionable genes 

2.    Carrier screening 

3.     Pharmacogenomics 

4.    All known disease-causing genes

The information from this test will allow you to make proactive and informed health decisions for you and your family.

Categories of Findings


All Known Human Diseases

6,000 genes are known to be associated with known human diseases. Whole Genome Sequencing can accurately identify whether you are at an increased risk for any of these conditions. 


Medically Actionable Conditions

24 inherited conditions have clinical and management guidelines that may be life saving for affected individuals.  

Drug sensitivities-blue 

Drug Sensitivities

Pharmacogenomics use your genetic map to figure out how you will respond to a medication or certain treatments, for example Warfarin (for prevention of heart attacks and strokes) and Citalopram (commonly used to treat depression.)


Carrier Status

This optional feature includes the analysis of 1,000 ACMG-recommended genes associated with diseases that would be inherited by your offspring, for example Cystic Fibrosis.


What Can You Expect With Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test?

✔    Support from beginning to end

Our Customer Service team is available to assist you every step of the way throughout your genetic testing experience.

✔    Genetic Counselor & Physician Support

A physician is provided to order your test and a Genetic Counselor is provided both before and after testing. Together you and your Genetic Counselor will determine next steps for your health.

✔    Results You Can Trust

Our lab is comprised of experts from across the clinical diagnostic arena, including world-renowned geneticist Dr. Madhuri Hegde, a staff of board-certified geneticists and genetic counselors.

✔    Data Privacy

Your privacy is paramount to us. We securely store your DNA information and do not share your DNA information with anyone without your permission.

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