myDNA™ Personalized Wellness For Pregnancy

Your DNA can help you better understand and inform your pregnancy and postnatal journey

Nutrition, exercise, and stress management all play a big role in supporting you and your baby during and after pregnancy. Did you know your DNA also plays a key role? Your genes can influence things like blood pressure, iron and folate levels, your baby's bone development, birthweight, and more! 

myDNA Personalized Wellness For Pregnancy provides you with pregnancy and postnatal insights based on your unique DNA plus trimester based nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness plans – so you can discover a more personal approach to your health and pregnancy. 

All of this valuable information is conveniently delivered to the palm of your hand in the myDNA pregnancy app making this a powerful pregnancy resource.

myDNA Personalized Wellness for Pregnancy

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Price: $175

What Does myDNA Personalized Wellness For Pregnancy Include?

+ At home DNA test kit (non-invasive cheek swab) mailed to your house with pre-paid return envelope

+ Lab analysis of 14 genes and 15 SNP’s to deliver 17 different Pregnancy Related Insights  

+ Access to myDNA Pregnancy App + Weekly meal plans, and recipes tailored to your trimesters of pregnancy and calorie requirements 

+ 3 exercise videos a week created for the different stages of pregnancy 

+ Guided weekly meditation audio sessions

+ 12 weeks of postnatal content (meals, exercises, meditations) designed for this special stage.

+  Educational content on your insights and other pregnancy related topics

+ 30 Day Free Access to the myDNA Unlocked (Personalized Wellness) app after you complete your myDNA Pregnancy journey.

+  Expert Customer Support

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What Stage of Pregnancy Is This For?

myDNA Personalized Wellness for Pregnancy can be purchased anytime from the first trimester up until week 34 of pregnancy. To get the most out of this powerful pregnancy resource, the earlier you order your kit, the better. As an added benefit you’ll have continued access to your personalized DNA insights and myDNA content, so you can refer to it for any future pregnancies too!

How It Works

Order Kit

Order your kit over the phone by calling 877-267-3322 and we'll mail the myDNA kit to your house.

Swab & Mail

Complete the non-invasive cheek swab in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home and return your sample to myDNA’s lab using the prepaid return envelope.


Your 17 Personalized Pregnancy DNA Insights are delivered right to your myDNA Pregnancy app about 3 weeks after the lab receives your DNA sample. While you wait your can explore the prenatal meal, exercise, and meditation programs available to you right away!

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