Quality Defined by Outcomes

Every stem cell collection stored at ViaCord has the potential to become life-saving or life-changing medicine for a family tomorrow, so quality is critical when it comes to preparing cord blood or cord tissue for future use. There are countless decisions that each company must make about how to collect, process, test, and store newborn stem cells, and each decision impacts the quality of the final product. Every step is critical to future treatment success and ViaCord has over a 20-year history of making the right choices for families.

Collection Tutorial: Cord Blood and Cord Tissue

ViaCord's Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Kate Girard, RN, MSN  provides clear instructions for collecting cord blood and cord tissue with the goal of maximizing the number of newborn stem cells with the lowest potential for contamination. 

Over 400 Cord Blood Units Released for Use

Over 400 families have used their cord blood in transplant or regenerative medicine research.1  We've released units to over 60 leading medical institutions, demonstrating that ViaCord is a true leader in cord blood stem cell banking.1