Genomic Testing Services

A healthier tomorrow starts with your DNA today.

Genomic Testing Services

Helping put your family in a position to make informed decisions.

With recent advancements in personalized medicine, preparing your family for the best possible healthcare outcomes is easier than ever before with genomic testing.  See how easy it is to plan for your family's future with our genomic testing services for newborns, children, and adults 

All ViaCord Genomic Tests Include:

+  Expert Customer Service

+  Physicians and Genetic Counselor Support

+  Personalized Results Report 

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Genetic Insights Panel (Newborns)

+  Actionable insights on over 270 genes associated with childhood-onset conditions. View the list > 

+  Includes the analysis of 50+ genes identified as medically actionable by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG)

+  Many conditions detected can't be detected by standard carrier screens, newborn screens, and prenatal tests. 

Learn more about our Genetic Insights Panel for newborns >

Whole Genome Sequencing (Newborns & Children)

+  Capture of entire genome 

+  Childhood-onset conditions 

+  Drug Sensitivities

+  Actionable Insights

Learn more about our Whole Genome Sequencing for newborns and children >

Whole Genome Sequencing (Adults)

+  Capture of entire genome 

+  Adult-onset conditions 

+  Drug Sensitivities 

+  Carrier Status (optional)

+  Actionable Insights

Learn more about our Whole Genome Sequencing for adults >

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Our commitment to you

Data Privacy-blue

Data Privacy

Your privacy is our priority at ViaCord. We pledge to keep all your information secure and to always follow best practices to ensure your data security. This means that your data will not be shared or used for research without your explicit permission. 

The Experts

Genome Medical & PerkinElmer Genetics

We bring together years of testing experience and experts in the field of genetics to ensure families get the most out of their DNA testing.

Genome Medical 

+  Genome Medical services included in the price of each genomic test

+  Includes team of geneticists, genetic counselors, primary-care doctors, pharmacists, and other specialists with whom we collaborate

 Available to help your doctor understand your results

+  No additional cost

Learn More About Genome Medical >

PerkinElmer Genetics 

 CLIA & CAP Accredited Lab

 Over 7 million patients have been screened in our lab

 Lab processes over 500,000 samples per year

+  Services designed to identify treatable disorders in an effort to improve outcomes.

Overseen by Dr. Madhuri Hegde. Dr. Hegde is a medical geneticist, a board-certified diplomat in clinical molecular genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics, and an ACMG Fellow.

Learn More About PerkinElmer Genomics > 

Meet Madhuri Hegde, Ph.D., FACMG

The Genome Medical Experience

Meet Alice K. Tanner PhD, MS, CGC, FACMG

Our Testing Process

Gentle, Accurate, Seamless

After assessing your family history and risk factors, we help determine if genetic testing is right for you and ensure you are receiving the most appropriate test.  Once testing is complete we review and interpret your genetic test results and then help you understand any implications on your health. We provide actionable steps and work with your primary care provider to incorporate the information into your regular health care. Turnaround time for our genomic testing services is 8-10 weeks.

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Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures. PerkinElmer or ViaCord does not endorse or make recommendations with respect to research, medication, or treatments. The content presented is for informational purposes only and shall not be replace or overrule a health care provider’s judgement. Always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider.