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Our cord tissue service is different. It matters.

More and more families are banking their baby’s cord tissue.

Cord tissue cells are different than cord blood cells and could benefit your family.

We understand banking your baby's cord tissue is an investment in your family's future. That's why we invested in a processing technology that delivers more value for families. It starts from the minute your baby's cord tissue arrives at ViaCord's AABB Accredited Laboratory. ViaCord is the only family bank accredited by the AABB for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. 

Accreditation validates the quality of our service and is one of the many reasons families feel confident about choosing ViaCord. 

Here's How ViaCord Delivers More Value

When it comes to your baby's umbilical cord tissue we go the extra step to extract cord tissue stem cells prior to storage to best prepare them for potential use. Our process can recover all the stem cell types from the cord tissue – to get your family more cells.4 And we store your cells in a five-compartment bag, providing you with more options and greater flexibility if the cells are ever used. 

Some banks simply store segments of the cord tissue, without extracting the stem cells first, resulting in a final product that is not ready for use.

Going The Extra Step For Families....

We Recover All Cell Types

We Get More Cells

Stored Ready for Use

Treatment potential for cord tissue stem cells.

Banking your baby’s cord tissue with cord blood now means more cells, more treatment options, and more healing potential for your family.

Researchers are exploring areas of potential use for cartilage, muscle, and nerve conditions including Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer, sports injuries, and autism.20,25,26,126  A Phase I clinical trial is currently underway at Duke University Medical Center to determine the safety of using cord tissue stem cells in children with autism.

It’s important to note, these studies use fresh stem cells that were extracted from the cord tissue. These studies did not utilize frozen cord tissue or cells extracted from tissue that had been cryopreserved.

Learn more about the benefits of banking cord tissue and see which immediate biological family members may benefit.

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