Our Dedicated Transplant Program for Siblings

At ViaCord, a patient's needs always come first. We believe that every family deserves to benefit from the potential opportunities presented by cord blood stem cells, regardless of their financial situation. This program provides ViaCord's cord blood banking services at no cost to expecting parents who meet eligibility requirements. The Sibling Connection Program is a unique partnership between ViaCord and Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI).

Joining forces to bring hope to families.

When Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) was seeking a partner to help families with children who could benefit from a cord blood stem cell transplant, they turned to ViaCord. Dr. Betram H. Lubin, Director of Medical Research at CHORI said of the partner selection: 

"After thorough due diligence in assessing the field, I am confident that ViaCord processes cells in a high quality manner suitable for transplant

Sibling Connection Program: How it works

This program includes cord blood processing and five years of storage at no cost to expecting parents who have a child in need of a transplant and meet the other enrollment requirements of the program. Any expectant family with a child who has an established diagnosis of a disease that is currently treatable with sibling cord blood may be eligible (the newborn must be a full sibling). Your child's doctor will need to complete a medical referral form for approval. Links to medical referral forms are available below.

To participate in the Sibling Connection Program, please complete the enrollment form available in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

For more information, please call our Sibling Connection Program toll free number, 866-861-8435.

Eligible Diagnoses and Medical Referral Forms

The appropriate medical referral form must be completed by the doctor caring for the sibling with the qualifying condition (the newborn must be a full sibling). The completed form should be returned to Viacord via the fax number provided on the form. This form must be received to be enrolled in ViaCord's Sibling Connection program.

To download and print the appropriate medical referral form, simply find the eligible diagnosis below and click on it. 


Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
Blood Disorders

Giving every family a chance

ViaCord is pleased to recommend The Bone Marrow Foundation One-to-One Fund for all our customers’ transplant funding needs. The Bone Marrow Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant patients and their families by providing vital financial assistance, emotional support, and comprehensive educational programs. For information on raising funds for a transplant, visit Bone Marrow Foundation One-to-One Funds.