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What is Whole Genome Sequencing?

Know your genes. Make smarter health-related decisions.

Today, scientists and health professionals can look at variations in your genes to see if you are at risk for a disease or a genetic disorder - even before symptoms appear. Sequencing your whole genome allows you and your physician to make smarter health-related decisions by knowing how your genes affect the way your mind and body functions. This may impact not only the approach to your long-term health but also that of your children, as many mutations are inheritable.

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Why is Whole Genome Sequencing Important?

You want to be empowered to make the best health decisions for their family.

Knowing your, or your child's unique genetic DNA, can be a powerful tool. Whole genome sequencing can help you and your physician move towards early detection and intervention rather than waiting for symptoms to occur.

Positive test results can help physicians develop a personalized treatment or monitoring plan - moving away from a 'one size fits all approach'. And negative test results can serve as a relief – eliminating uncertainty around possible health conditions.

[Video] A New Era of Medicine

In this video, genomic expert, Madhuri Hegde, Ph.D., FACMG, explains how whole genome sequencing is helping shape the future of medicine and why families should consider it for their family today.

A New Era of Genetics & Medicine

Reasons To Consider Whole Genome Sequencing

Make smarter healthcare decisions

Early detection and prevention

Lower future healthcare costs

By understanding the conditions you or your child may be at risk for, you may be able to improve quality of life with personalized medicine and potential use of your child's banked cord blood and cord tissue stem cell for treatment.

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