Our Treatment Experience

Cord blood stem cells are playing a major role in transplant medicine, an innovative therapeutic approach to treating disease. ViaCord has helped more families utilize the healing power of their cord blood stem cells . To date, we have preserved the cord blood of more than 350,000 newborns. And we have released over 360 stem cell units for transplant or regenerative medicine research.

Every cell counts.

Just as important as the depth of our experience is the proven quality of our stem cell collections. From collection to cryopreservation, our complete process is designed to maximize stem cell yield, which directly correlates with treatment success. The more stem cells that transplant doctors have to work with, the better the outcome for their patients. We've released over 360 stem units for use in transplant and regen med research to date. See our Cord Blood Use list for details.

Published Success Rates

We believe in the importance of publishing treatment success rates. After all, should you ever need to use your child’s stem cell collection, a healthy outcome is what matters most.


[Video] Cord Blood in Action: A Mother Shares Her Story

When baby Brayden was born, Tami and her husband banked his cord blood with ViaCord and used it in a transplant to help treat their first son, Blase’s, leukemia.