Comparison Chart References

Ownership Changes
- ViaCord 1993 – 2017 ViaCord 2017, PerkinElmer Completes Acquisition of ViaCell (ViaCord) 
- Cord Blood Registry 1992 - 2012; Cord Blood Registry 2012 GTCR Completes Sale of Cord Blood Registry to AMAG Pharmaceuticals; 2015 AMAG Pharmaceuticals Acquires Cord Blood Registry; 2018 AMAG Pharmaceuticals Announces Divestiture of Cord Blood Registry® ; GI Partners Website 
- CryoCell Cryo-Cell International, Inc. private cord blood bank 1992 - present 

Sustained Profitability  
- PerkinElmer Financial Information
- Cord Blood Registry; does not disclose/not publicly available
- Cryo-Cell 2018 Fiscal Results (not profitable) Business Transparency
- ViaCord Discloses Results of Units Released For Transplants. ViaCord data on file. Based on transplant data from past 10 years reported to Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) 

5-year Annual Storage Fee Guarantee
ViaCord Guarantee 
Cord Blood Registry No Guarantee 
CryoCell No Guarantee:  

Annual Storage Fee Increases - Last 5 Years
Cord Blood Registry;  2016 - $150 Storage Fee2019 - $175 Storage Fee  
CryoCell; 2019 - $150 Storage Fee 

Financial Performance
PerkinElmer Financial Information 
Cord Blood Registry; does not disclose/not publicly available

Lab Accreditations 
AABB Cord Blood 
AABB Cord Tissue, 
Visit company websites for other accreditations. 

Units released 
Cord Blood Registry; 

Cell Processing Method Established, Processes and Extract Cells Before Storage 
Cord Blood Registry 

Cost To Extract Cord Tissue Cells Included
Cord Blood Registry 

Fees Overview 
Pricing from Company Websites accessed 9/26/20.  
Cord Blood Registry; Cost of Cord Blood + Tissue  
CryoCell; Cost of Cord Blood + Tissue 
ViaCord price subject to change.