Understanding Cord Blood

Below you’ll find a series of videos on cord blood banking. Hear directly from families who used cord blood in treatment. Learn more about the banking process, cord blood research, and more.

Regenerative Medicine in Action: Family Shares Their Story

Brady's parents banked his cord blood thinking it could potentially be used to treat diabetes someday. Complications at birth took the family on a different path. Watch their inspiring story.

Regenerative Medicine in Action: Tomorrow's Promise

Alisa and Mayo banked Ashton’s cord blood, hoping he would never need it. See how this developing science is helping children just like Ashton.

Cord Blood in Action: A Mother Shares Her Story

When baby Brayden was born, Tami and her husband banked his cord blood with ViaCord and used it in a transplant to help treat their first son, Blase’s, leukemia.

ViaCord's Innovative VC 5X Storage Bag

When it comes to banking cord blood, ViaCord puts the future health of your family first by giving you more options, greater flexibility, and the ability to maximize the future potential of your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Cord Blood Banking 101 - Understanding The Basics

Learning about cord blood banking shouldn't have to be confusing - or boring. Watch Kate Girard, who is one of our stem cell experts and also happens to be a former RN and Labor & Delivery nurse, talk about cord blood banking 101. She helps break it all down, and asks the questions every parent has: 'What are cord blood stem cells?', 'Does anyone really use them?', 'Is it worth it?' - and more!

Cord Blood Use - Current Treatments & Emerging Research

Cord blood stem cells have been used in medicine for a little over 25 years, and great scientific minds continue to probe for new possibilities using these amazing cells. Watch ViaCord's Chief Scientific Officer, Morey Kraus, discuss current therapies using cord blood and the progress of research being made on the regenerative medicine front. Morey’s passion for cord blood stem cells and excitement about potential future medical applications is contagious and you’re about to find out for yourself.

Please Note: These stories are the real life experience of ViaCord’s clients. Results are not guaranteed.