Make cord blood part of your family’s plan

Thinking about saving your baby's cord blood? You’re not alone and chances are you have lots of questions: Does it make sense for your family? Which bank should you choose? Is it worth it? 

The fact is, cord blood stem cells are doing amazing things today — healing serious diseases and changing lives for the better. And thanks to a vital research community, the treatment potential for cord blood continues to grow.

Benefits of Cord Blood

Cord blood is used today in the treatment of nearly 80 life-threatening diseases, including genetic disorders and cancers. The proven effectiveness of these amazing cells has made cord blood the fastest growing source of stem cells used in pediatric transplants.2,3

Cord Blood Banking 101 - Understanding The Basics

Learning about cord blood banking shouldn't have to be confusing - or boring. Watch Rosie Pope talk to one of our stem cell experts (who also happens to be a former RN and Labor & Delivery nurse) as she helps break it all down, and asks the questions every parent has: 'What are cord blood stem cells?', 'Does anyone really use them?', 'Is it worth it?' - and more!

The Healing Power of Stem Cells

For medical treatments of non-genetic diseases that require a stem cell match, there is no better source than your child’s own cord blood stem cells. And if a donor is needed, a family member is always the first place a doctor will look for a match.

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing the remaining blood found within your newborn baby’s umbilical cord. 35,000 treatments have been conducted worldwide using cord blood stem cells.4

Cord Tissue Banking

Cord tissue banking is the process of collecting and storing the tissue of the umbilical cord. This tissue contains a special kind of stem cell that research indicates has the potential to treat conditions affecting cartilage, muscle, and nerve cells.19

Common Questions