Today's Treatments. Tomorrow's Breakthroughs.

Cord blood is the fastest growing source of stem cells in pediatric transplants, and ongoing research indicates that we’ve only just begun to harness the healing power of these amazing cells.3, 15 By collaborating with some of the country’s leading hospitals and research centers, ViaCord is helping to advance critical research in cord blood stem cell therapy and to unlock the promise of cord tissue stem cells.

Today's Treatments

Cord blood is used today in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases. Our collections have been used in treatment by the children they were collected from and their siblings. 

Studying Cord Tissue

 Cord tissue contains a special type of stem cell that has the potential to treat injuries and diseases affecting cartilage, muscle, and nerve cells.19

Accelerating Innovation

ViaCord collaborates with leading research and medical centers across the country to help advance medical treatments using cord blood, discover treatments using cord tissue, and connect families to relevant clinical trials.

Emerging Research

Using their banked cord blood stem cells, ViaCord families participate in ongoing
IND approved research including autism, cerebral palsy, & brain injury.