Quality Defined by Outcomes

Every stem cell collection stored at ViaCord has the potential to become life-saving medicine for a family tomorrow, so quality is critical when it comes to preparing cord blood or cord tissue for future use. There are countless decisions that each company must make about how to collect, process, test, and store newborn stem cells, and each decision impacts the quality of the final product. Every step is critical to future treatment success and ViaCord has a 20 year history of making the right choices for families.

Collection Tutorial:
Cord Blood and Cord Tissue

ViaCord's Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Kate Girard, RN, MSN  provides clear instructions for collecting cord blood and cord tissue with the goal of maximizing the number of newborn stem cells with the lowest potential for contamination.

Topics are broken into chapters so you can easily access and view information as needed.

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ViaCord Survival Rates

At ViaCord, we believe the quality of our medicine is defined by our treatment outcomes. It summarizes all the decisions that we’ve made along the way. ViaCord has established quality in newborn stem cell banking by publishing the highest engraftment and survival rates in the industry.57

Today, ViaCord publishes the highest transplant survival rates in the industry. Our one-year patient survival rate is 88%.9a ViaCord also publishes long term survival rates. The long term survival of patients receiving a cord blood unit from ViaCord is 82%.9b Furthermore, we publish high long-term survival rates for hemoglobinopathies after sibling donor cord blood treatment: 96% for thalassemia and 83% for sickle cell anemia.55 The high degree of survivability is a testament to the quality of our entire collection process.

Our survival rates are only rivaled by the number of units we’ve released for treatment. Today, ViaCord has released more units for transplants and infusions than any other family cord blood bank. With 280+ units releases and an unparalleled rate of survival, ViaCord has demonstrated that it is a true leader in cord blood stem cell banking.1

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