Helping patients understand their options.

Healthcare providers play a critical role in helping their patients understand the available options for their newborn's umbilical cord. Preserving cord blood and cord tissue has become an increasingly popular choice among expecting parents. It's important to understand what makes these stem cells so powerful and why ViaCord is the best option.

Newborn Stem Cells

A newborn's umbilical cord contains a variety of stem cells. Those found in the cord blood and cord tissue are of tremendous value. Cord blood stem cells are used today to help treat many diseases today and cord tissue stem cells are being studied for possible future medical applications.

Benefits of Banking

Understanding the benefits of banking cord blood and cord tissue is a critical step in being able to help your patients make the best decision for their family.

Quality is Everything

ViaCord understands that when a unit is needed for treatment, the quality of the stem cells will play a crucial role in the treatment success. Find out what steps ViaCord takes to provide the best possible unit to transplant physicians.

Keeping your patients informed is easy.

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