Collection and Transport

At ViaCord, we go the extra step (and then some) to give you the best banking experience possible. Read on to find everything you need to know about:  

  • Our streamlined collection process and medical courier service
  • Our advanced collection bag, designed to maximize stem cell yield6
  • Preparations for your collection on the big day

Focus on the baby. We'll do the rest.

Whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-section, the process of collecting your newborn baby’s stem cells is safe, painless, and non-disruptive to you,  your baby, and your birth plan. After your baby is born, your baby’s umbilical cord is clamped and cut. That’s when your caregiver will insert a needle into the umbilical cord to collect the remaining blood. (If cord blood isn’t collected, it’s generally discarded as medical waste.) Once the collection is finished, your OB or midwife will seal the bag, attach the pre-printed label with your family’s information, and place it in the ViaCord collection kit. If you’ve decided to bank your baby’s cord tissue, the umbilical cord will be cleaned and placed in a special storage cup. From start to finish, the cord blood collection process takes about five minutes.

From your delivery room, to our lab.

After you’ve notified us of your delivery and reviewed the kit’s contents and pre-printed label, a medical courier will pick up the collection kit from your hospital room and deliver it to the ViaCord processing and storage lab. We’ll notify you as soon as your kit arrives at our lab. Our lab is located just outside of Cincinnati and only minutes away from a major airport. If you have questions or concerns, our customer service staff is available 24/7 to help.

A collection bag designed to maximize stem cell yield

ViaCord’s advanced cord blood collection bag is pre-filled with citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD), an FDA-recommended anticoagulant that also functions as a cell preservative.11 CPD collection bags have been proven to increase stem cell yield by more than 50% compared to heparin collection bags — a key consideration for physicians with regard to treatment success.6 

Preparing for Collection: What to Expect

There’s already a lot going on the day your baby is born. We’ve made your part in the process as minimal as possible so you can focus on what’s most important: your baby. All you have to do is complete these two easy steps. 

1. Bring your ViaCord collection kit with you to the hospital.
2. After the collection is complete, call us to review the contents of the kit and confirm your pre-printed labels are correct. We’ll then dispatch a medical courier to your hospital room to pick up the kit and transport it to our lab. 
Watch this one minute video where we explain what to expect after you enroll with ViaCord. You'll also get a look inside our collection kit!