What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for potential medical use. ViaCord also offers parents the option to collect and store stem cells found in the tissue of the umbilical cord.  This is known as cord tissue banking.

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Cord blood and cord tissue banking with ViaCord.

Our approach to cord blood and cord tissue banking is simple: Apply the most advanced science to deliver the highest-quality stem cell collection and storage process in order to achieve the best results for families. That approach has guided our growth and success for nearly twenty-five years.

Treatment Experience

Your family's health is our number one priority. We have the highest published transplant rate of any family cord blood bank - 88% success at  1 year.9a

Using Cord Blood

If your doctor determines that your stem cells may be advantageous, we'll work with your medical team to provide documentation and samples so that they can plan for the treatment. We'll also coordinate on the delivery of your child’s stem cell unit to the appropriate medical facility.

ViaCord's Service - An Overview

  • After you enroll with ViaCord, we ship you a cord blood collection kit in the mail. 
  • Give your medical team a heads up and on the big day provide them with the kit. 
  • Once your baby is born, and after your umbilical cord is cut, your doctor or midwife will insert a needle to collect the remaining blood. It takes about 5 minutes. 
  • Once the collection kit is ready for pick up call ViaCord and a courier is dispatched to your location. 
  • After your unit arrives at ViaCord’s Processing Lab, specialists will process your baby’s stem cells to maximize cell yield. They are then transferred to a transplant-ready cryobag for storage at or below ≤ -170º C (brrr). 
  • If you ever need to retrieve your stem cells, call us.

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